About Me

Hi! I’m interested in many things… below is something I wrote in a Stanford class called “Designing Your Life”:

The universe is vast. We are here because of probability, but we choose the way we live our lives.

The biological meaning to life is survival and reproduction. But, over time, we’ve gained the amazing ability to think, to philosophize about our meaning of life.

There is no meaning of life given to us, so we have to find it. My meaning of life is similar to my meaning of work: Creating value for society, creating great art (which is not to say great art and creating value for society are exclusive), and self improvement so I can be better at those things.

I admire missions that are just and noble, that free people or show them beauty.

Finding and pursuing one’s meaning in life is one of the most important and fulfilling things one does in a lifetime. I hope my work breaks down barriers and inspires people to find and pursuit their dreams.

Money is a lever, a tool for the creative cycle. It is a productivity multiplier. With it we can do more things faster and smarter. It allows us to be exposed to different ideas and experiences. It allows us to work on an grander scale.

Finally, I believe that great things are accomplished with a great team.