Current Interests


Heat engines

Browser-based distributed computing. World Community Grid, but in the browser using webworkers and WebAssembly/asm.js.

Workplace design. Techcrunch Cribs is great inspiration for workplace design. Kiip, has an especially cool office, with a good use of vertical space – their office is designed by Swell Spaces.

Workplace acoustic design. Acoustic privacy should inform workplace design. There should be a way to design an open office with good acoustic privacy. Tools to help solve this problem: Auditory ray tracing, visually translucent sound dampening materials, room geometry.

Augmented lightpainting. Inspired by the pixelstick and drone lighting. Take some LEDs, an accelerometer, and a drone, and you have a 3D augmented reality light printer.

GPU visualization passthrough. It’s possible for 7 people to simultaneously game on one computer. The Xen hypervisor supports GPU passthrough. It’s possible to run your own game streaming service on Amazon EC2’s GPU instances, which uses Nvidia Tesla GPUs. There are a ton of cheap Tesla cards on ebay, pulled from old datacenter machines, which have no video out. There should be a way to use these Tesla GPUs to run 3D applications on a desktop.

PS4 hacking. fail0verflow demonstrated Linux running on the PS4, albeit without releasing the necessary exploits. However, a userland webkit exploit and a kernel exploit have since been publicly disclosed.